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Unlocking 100% Effectiveness with Promotional Items

Discover the power of Company Advertising e-shop's promotional items—a surefire way to achieve 100% effectiveness in your advertising endeavors. These items not only serve as powerful marketing tools but also act as invaluable allies for your company's growth. Effortlessly elevate your visibility and foster brand awareness for your company, service, or product.

Our vast selection allows you to choose from thousands of advertising and promotional items tailored to suit your unique needs. Whether you're looking to make a lasting impression on potential clients or strengthen relationships with existing ones, our range of items ensures that you find the perfect fit for your promotional efforts. Seize the opportunity to enhance your company's reach and impact with promotional items that are designed for maximum effectiveness.

Diverse Selection of Promotional Items from Société

Explore our extensive selection of advertising items at Société, where you have the flexibility to choose based on type, popularity, current needs, or your own priorities. With a diverse range of options, we provide a tailored experience that allows you to pick the perfect promotional items for your unique requirements. Whether you're seeking items based on trends, practicality, or specific preferences, Société ensures that you have a varied and comprehensive array to choose from.


Explore Our Bestsellers - The Most Coveted Promotional Items:

Pens - Choose from a selection of elegant metal pens or budget-friendly plastic ballpoint pens, available in a spectrum of colors.

Lanyards - Practical neck lanyards perfect for holding keys or business cards, combining functionality with visibility.

Mugs and thermo mugs - Enjoy our range of ceramic and metal mugs, each featuring unique advertising markings for brand recognition.

Reflective items - Essential aids in low visibility, including stickers, tapes, and backpacks to enhance safety and brand visibility.

Silicone wristbands - Trendy wristbands in various styles for men, women, and children, including luminous options to add flair to any occasion.

Webcam covers - A must-have accessory for PCs, tablets, and mobile phones, providing protection against online intruders.

USB and power banks - Keep backups and spare energy sources always at hand, with your logo prominently displayed for continuous visibility to customers.


light bulb3 Hot Tips for Exceptional Promotional Items:

Paper hats - Break away from tradition with our non-traditional paper caps, helmets, and hats, featuring innovative designs and advertising prints that make a statement. These lightweight and eco-friendly accessories provide a unique twist to the classic headwear, ensuring your brand stands out in the crowd.

Pikatec Nanotechnology - Experience the marvel of Pikatec, an extraordinary nanotechnology revolutionizing car care and home cosmetics. With unparalleled efficiency, cleaning and maintaining vehicles become a joy for everyone. Elevate your promotional game by associating your brand with cutting-edge technology that enhances the daily lives of your customers. 

Stabilized Rose - Capture the essence of everlasting beauty with our stabilized rose. This non-fading flower, delicately secured in a holder with a custom print, serves as a timeless and elegant gift. Perfect for expressing enduring appreciation, these stabilized roses are a graceful reminder of your brand's thoughtfulness, leaving a lasting impression on recipients.


Comprehensive Services for Promotional Items:

We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive services, ensuring a seamless experience for your promotional needs. From high-quality to swift advertising printing, we offer a range of services designed to meet your expectations. Whether you require delivery to your office or doorstep, our global shipping ensures your promotional items reach you wherever you are.

Uncertain about choosing solely based on images? Feel free to request samples of our promotional items, allowing you to evaluate the quality firsthand. For a more immersive experience, visit our showroom in Prague, where you can explore our diverse range of advertising and promotional items.

Utilizing the latest and most advanced printing, firing, or laser technologies, we ensure each advertising item is produced to the highest standards. Our commitment to innovation guarantees that your promotional items showcase a modern and sophisticated touch, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

propagační předměty - reklamní lanyardy - šňůrky na krk    

Visualize Your Brand: Online Logo Display on 1000+ Promotional Items

Struggling to envision your logo on a promotional item? Curious about how your company emblem would look on a specific product? Introducing our unique online tool! With this user-friendly feature, you can seamlessly visualize your logo on over 1000 promotional items, bringing your brand to life.

Explore the possibilities by trying out our online tool—it allows you to prepare your personalized catalog complete with your logo and corresponding prices. Witness firsthand how your brand transforms each product, making informed decisions and ensuring your promotional items align perfectly with your company's identity. Immerse yourself in the creative process and see your brand come to life effortlessly.


Online visualisation of your own logo        


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