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5 tips for original paper promotional items

originální reklamní předměty z papíru - reklamní organizér na psací potřeby a telefon

Original promotional items are becoming an increasingly popular item. How to engage and stick in the minds of customers is an essential point when dealing with marketing activities in any company. Therefore, our company is dedicated to selling not only standard but also non-standard, personalized promotional products. In Firemní reklama eshop you can find e.g. paper caps and helmets or Pikatec cosmetics for the treatment of vehicle surfaces and household equipment.

Here we also present original promotional items made of paper, which effectively help in everyday work in the office.

1. Promotional stationery organiser - Smart cube with individual customer graphics

An ingenious cube hiding a multifunctional writing set.
Everything you need for your desk now fits into one neat desk and stationery organiser. The clever cube with its flawlessly developed, surprising design turns into a multi-purpose desk organiser for writing utensils, business cards or even your phone in no time. The multifunctional desk organizer offers a convenient and stylish solution that works in any office or even at home on your desk. With the office organizer, you have everything you need for your daily office work at your fingertips.
The smart cube is more than just an organizer.

The personalised smart cube includes:

  • Pen stand
  • Space for business cards or smartphone
  • Box for paper clips and accessories
  • A set of individually printed papers.
Reklamní organizér na psací potřeby - Chytrá kostka s individuální grafikou zákazníka  

2. Desk Organizer - Custom Printed Paper Office Set

A paper box that makes office work easy. The variously shaped organizers hold space for paper clips, post-it notes and notepads. All individually printed. In addition, the paper clips can be colour-coordinated to the print. Some types of paper desk organizers allow you to design the shape of the drawers. This allows you to give your customers a fully unique, creative and very useful product. Importantly, your logo and other elements of visual identification can be on the entire surface of the box.

Desk organizers hide a multitude of office accessories. They are a proven solution to make office work easier. The necessary things are always at hand and in one place. Your company graphics will be visible from many angles.

Stolní organizér - Papírový kancelářský set s vlastním potiskem  

3. Advertising calendars

The days pass quickly one after the other, and therefore someone may have trouble remembering what day it is. Having a nice company calendar in sight is undeniably a great advantage. Original calendar sets in different sizes and variations offer other useful office tools in addition to a desk calendar. These are mostly notepads and post-it sticky notes. By choosing one of these calendars, you get a product that can be fully personalized. Your graphics will be highly visible throughout the year.

A handy desk calendar set is not only extremely useful but also visually attractive. Its important advantage is the fact that it will be used throughout the year. This gives your client a permanent and long-term access to your marketing message. The tight binding, aesthetic appearance, large advertising area provide a unique opportunity to create a completely original product tailored to your needs.

Company advertising calendars online >>  

reklamní firemní kalendáře - sady s kancelářskými potřebami 


4. Promotional stands for stationery

Highly original pen and pencil holders in various shapes such as hexagon or heart. The individual compartments allow convenient storage of many pens, pencils, crayons or markers, ensuring easy access at all times. Designed with compartments, the pencil holders are practical and durable. This is guaranteed by the high quality hardback from which they are made. The products allow for a wide range of customized prints and graphics to be produced according to the customer's needs.
reklamní stojánky na psací potřeby - hexagon 

5. Eco-friendly paper gifts

Original promotional items are also available in eco versions. Eco-friendly paper gifts are made from biodegradable, recycled cardboard with high hardness and durability. With eco promotional items you will reach those customers who care about ecology and clean environment. Eco paper gifts can be decorated with graphics designed according to your idea and company logo. This is so that the gifted person or a co-worker will come in contact with the company name often and also use these unique paper goodies.

ekologické dárky z papíru - ekologické reklamní předměty  

If you are interested in any of the above-mentioned original paper promotional items, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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