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Colour designation for advertising printing

barevnost pro reklamní potisk

The colour rating expressed as a fraction determines the number of colours to be printed on the front and back of the promotional item.

The number before the slash indicates the number of colours on the front side.
The number after the slash determines the number of colours on the reverse side.

The number 0 means that the side of the item is unprinted.
The number 1 means printing in one colour (usually black).
Number 4 means full colour CMYK printing.  

Examples of colour designations:  

1/1 printing - printing in one colour on the front and back
1/0 printing - 1 colour on the front, no printing on the back

4/0 - full colour (4-colour) printing on the front, no printing on the back
4/4 printing - full colour (4-colour) printing on front and back

cmyk barvy


CMYK is a colour model used to reproduce different colours on paper and promotional items. It is a colour mixing process whereby a portion of the original colour is removed by successive colouring (colours are subtracted from each other).

The basic colours are cyan, magenta, yellow and key/black. CMYK is used in printing technologies such as colour digital and offset printing.



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