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Specialized Pizza Packaging

A quality pizza box with the option of custom printing will give your pizza a new dimension. The pizza box is made of high quality corrugated cardboard or single layer paper with strong solid sides and an integrated hinged lid. This ensures high strength and a secure grip on the pizza.

Paper pizza boxes are available in multiple designs; white, brown with a solid lid or maybe even with a hole cut out in the front.
According to your wishes, we will prepare advertising pizza boxes with your own printing. There are also pre-printed pizza boxes with a themed print that will be delivered to you within a few days.

The pizza is safely packed in a quality and strong paper pizza box; protected from environmental influences. The customer of the pizzeria will receive his pizza fresh, warm and undamaged in a practical pizza box with a nice design print.

When packing pizza in a box, we recommend also using food grade paper.

Special boxes with your own printing can also be purchased for cakes and desserts, hamburgers and other dishes.
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