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French Fries Cone Holders

Paper cones for fries made from high-quality, fully recyclable cardboard. We will provide you with our own high-quality full-color printing on paper cones and other paper packaging for fries. The paper cones absorb the heat and fat from the fries, keeping them toasty and crispy. They are also suitable for other food such as chicken, chirros, doughnuts, candies or other sweets for children. Paper cones can also be an alternative to popcorn boxes.

High-quality paper cones for fries fit wonderfully in the hand. Together with an advertising print tailored to your needs, French fries cones are a very attractive and desirable packaging. Not only children, teenagers, but also adults will appreciate the unique packaging, which catches their attention at first glance.

French fries are still a popular type of fast food. That is why they also ask for a high-quality and original paper cone/wrapper/box. Eye-catching advertising packaging - french fries cones present your business at a high level. You simply build your brand, get new customers and keep the existing ones.

Who wouldn't want to have a nice paper cone in their hand and enjoy the great taste of crispy fries. Designer paper cones for fries must not be missing at any company or home party or other social, children's and summer events with refreshments. Prepare wonderful "cool" cones for fries!