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Accessories for Corporate Advertising Flags

Corporate and advertising flags are recommended to be used with compatible accessories, without which advertising flags cannot be used.

The following accessories are currently available for corporate and advertising flags:

Cross stands for corporate and advertising flags;
Plates for fixing corporate and advertising flags;
Drive-in stands for advertising and company flags;
Spikes and drill mandrels for company and advertising flags.
It is very important if the stand for company and advertising flags is with or without a rotator.

For outdoor use, we recommend adding a weight-bearing, water-fillable ring with a 10-liter capacity to the stands for greater stability.

For each beach flag, you can choose the base that suits you best. The flag can easily be extended and another kind of base can be used.

We definitely do not recommend leaving fly-wing advertising and company flags unattended and unsupervised. When the weather conditions change, the flag and other people's property can be damaged.

For questions about suitable stands or securing company and advertising flags, please contact us.