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Artistic Food Paper Products

Food grade paper in the form of paper sheets is suitable for quick and easy food packaging. Wrapping paper can be purchased in several designs. In addition to the basic variant, tissue paper, coated paper (partially waterproof) and half parchment are also produced. Each type of wrapping paper is suitable for different foods. Coated and parchment are suitable for sausages and meat products. Basic and tissue paper are ideal for desserts and pastries. However, sheets of paper can also be used, for example, for packaging flowers, gifts and other objects and products.

The paper sheets are white or brown, the other side is ready for your advertising print.
Food papers are certified. They can be safely exposed to food without endangering the health of the consumer of your sweet or salty food products.

Corporate printing on food grade paper is a great advertisement that your customers cannot miss. Custom food wrapping papers increase interest in your catering business. With nice stylish corporate food grade paper, you build a successful brand and rise higher on the popularity ladder in the minds of customers.

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