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Pikatec nanotechnology enables simple and almost carefree household care. Thanks to the content of nanoparticles, nano cleaning agents create a protective film on the surface of furniture, glass, stainless steel and other interior equipment. Picatec household products will save you up to 80% of the time spent on cleaning and polishing shower enclosures, stainless steel kettles, furniture, etc.

Surfaces treated with nano cleaning agents repel water, grease, dust and get dirty less. There are no places for bacteria and mold to grow.

We deliver Picatec household products including a paper cover with your own print. They guarantee not only the joy of a practical gift in the form of effective nano cosmetics, but also effective corporate advertising for the development of your brand. For an additional fee, an advertising sticker is also possible, which will also increase the visibility of your company by 100%.

Other useful household items with the possibility of printing