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Kitchen Pastry Brushes and Feather Brushes

In our collection of pastry brushes and feather brushes you will find traditional utensils that are associated with the atmosphere of our grandmothers' and great-grandmothers' kitchens. The pastr brushes and feather pens are made of high quality goose feathers or real horsehair. You'll find a use for these old but tried-and-true tools in your baking - for example, when brushing on apple strudel, Christmas cakes or mazancas. But far from being just for baking, you'll also appreciate them when grilling meat or other delicacies.

Each of these traditional tools brings not only practicality to your kitchen, but also a unique sense of tradition. Plus, these pieces will bring a nostalgic touch of the past to your contemporary culinary world as you revisit the tried and true practices and traditions of the old craft of cooking. You can have promotional text, logos or images engraved onto some of the bow ties and brushes and use the bow ties as a stylish corporate promotional gift.