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Bamboo cutting board with handle - 38 x 28 cm

10,02 EUR excl. VAT (12,12 EUR incl. VAT)

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The cutting board is made of bamboo, which is not only known for its properties such as strength, water resistance or antibacterial properties, but also has a much lower impact on nature. Bamboo takes much less time to grow than the wood that is traditionally used for these products.

Even though its production is more environmentally friendly, bamboo is very durable and long-lasting, and it looks really nice in the kitchen. Bamboo wood is hard, but you don't have to worry about dulling the knives.

The cutting board is equipped with a comfortable metal handle that can be used for better handling or hanging.

The cutting board is not dishwasher safe, we recommend washing by hand.

Material Bamboo
Width 28 cm
Height 2 cm
Length 38 cm
Surface Natural