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Car cosmetics nano Pikatec leather set - Packaging: 25pcs

504,08 EUR excl. VAT (609,94 EUR incl. VAT)
20,16 EUR excl. VAT/pcs

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3.25 kg

25 pcs

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delivery in 14 days - After approval of the graphic proofreading and payment of the advance invoice.

Set for skin - car cosmetics nano Picatec. With advertising print of cover. Minimum order 25pcs. Quantity discounts. More

Car cosmetics nano Picatec - set for leather with advertising print

Car cosmetics nano leather kit for protection and cleaning of leather parts of the vehicle interior. Protection for up to 2 years, for an area of 6m2. Pikatec car cosmetics kit protects leather seats from scratching, discoloration, cracking or soaking of liquid into its structure. The protective polish for leather has antibacterial effects.

The nano leather car cosmetic provides resistance to abrasion and UV rays. Leather treated with Picatec is better able to withstand the everyday wear and tear of sitting and friction when people move around on the seats. The treated surface is deeply nourished - it is softened, shiny and breathable. The skin is less dirty, cleans well and is not at risk of fungal damage.

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We supply the set with nano cosmetics for the car with a cover with our own advertising print. Car cosmetics nano Pikatec is a modern gift and promotional item. Využijte možnosti zaujmout a připravte pro svou firmu originální reklamu!

The nano Picatec car care kit for leather contains:
- product for removing common dirt from leather elements of vehicle interiors
- the protective policy itself
- application sponge

Type of advertising print:
advertising sleeve with 4/ 0 print - full colour print on the front side of the sleeve

Sale only to entities with valid ID number.
The minimum purchase is according to the selected variant.
Included in the price is a paper sleeve with full digital printing, see illustration.
For an additional charge, the option of an epoxy sticker on the box see illustration. Price varies according to number and size of sticker.

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