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Safety table for trucks and buses - Packaging: 50pcs

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50 pcs

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Dead angle sticker. High quality, durable sticker. Mandatory engine designation. vehicles over 3.5 tonnes in France. Quantity discounts. More

Dead angle sticker 

The safety plate for trucks and buses shows the position of the vehicle' s blind sp ots. From 2021, the blind spot sticker is a compulsory marking for vehicles over 3.5 tonnes in France. The safety sticker is affixed to the truck or bus in 3 designated places (sides and rear of the vehicle).

The dead angle sticker is a protection for other road users who find themselves in the blind spot of a truck or bus. The purpose of the blind spot warning sticker is to minimise the number of accidents, especially in urban traffic, where cyclists and pedestrians are often caught in blind spots. 

An exception to the use of the dead angle sticker is for motor vehicles over 3.5 tonnes that are not intended for urban driving (e.g. vehicles used in agriculture, winter management, intervention and highway and road management).

The use of the safety plate is compulsory and non-compliance is penalised. 

Placing a safety plate on the vehicle:
- the sticker must be clearly visible
- be affixed to the motor vehicle and trailer
- at the prescribed height: a minimum of 0,90 m and a maximum of 1,50 m from the ground
- on the front of the vehicle, placed on the left and right side of the vehicle within 1 metre of the front of the vehicle, for semi-trailers the distance is 1 metre behind the pivot of the trailer;
- at the rear of the vehicle they shall be affixed to the right of the centre line.

Dead angle sticker  250x170mm
We can also do on the bus.
We can also make on magnetic film.

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