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Custom Printed Envelopes

Printed envelopes made of various materials in practical white, transparent or attractive colours and with custom printing. For every occasion, your company can have unique branded envelopes that are easily recognizable and distinguishable from the competition. Promotional envelopes are available in a variety of sizes, allowing you to store different types of documents or materials.

The best-selling types of personalised envelopes:

→ bubble envelopes made of paper and bubble wrap
eco-friendly bubble envelopes made of 80% recycled plastic
→ plastic envelopes made of coloured film
→ e-commerce bags - LDPE envelopes made of low-density polyethylene

Custom printed envelopes play an important role in the transport of various items. The envelopes are usually sealed with adhesive tape. For some envelopes, a different type of closure can be selected.
We provide top-quality advertising printing for envelopes, which will ensure your company a high-quality, unnoticeable advertisement.

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E-commerce bagE-commerce bag

E-commerce bag

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1 433,19 EUR excl. VAT (0,28 EUR/pcs)
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