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Rolling Boards and Rollers

Wooden kitchen rollers and rolling boards are not only great helpers when working with dough, but also offer the opportunity to engrave your own motif on them, making them a personal and original addition to your kitchen and the kitchens of all your guests. With even pressure and a comfortable grip, they make it easy to roll out the dough to the desired thickness. Create your own designs and motifs to give your kitchen tools a distinctive and unique look.

When you're looking for a convenient and efficient way to work with dough, a kitchen rolling pin is an indispensable kitchen helper. Rollers allow you to achieve a dough consistency of the desired thickness for baking, such as cakes, breads or pizza dough. You will appreciate your rolling pin when cooking, when you want to quickly and easily prepare dough for cookies or pancakes. Kitchen rollers and rolling boards are great tools for a variety of dough types, from delicate cake batters to baking dough.